Account of the data of this site

These data are mainly based in the data which I got from other people. Not by research of myself. Even checkes and reseach in official documents by meself do not have been performed. That does not mean that the original data are not gathered with care. Somethings it can be found that data of a special person can differ on details. Sometimes, I mentioned the differences, but mostly I took the "best" one.


Som persons I will thanks in particular for their contributions:


My uncleHan Reuchlin who did a lot of work in the field of the Lichtenbelt genealogy. Mr.Knuttel gave an addendum to it.

My brother-in-law Hans Wijsma was a great inspiration for me. He did the work together with Peter Schakel. Spater the data have been extended by Herman Wijsma.

Jaap Kruit gave additional data of the Kruyt family.

Joke van der Meer-van Marken corrected and extended the van Maken family data..

The data of Paris (my grandtmother girl's name) came from Marieke Schoute.

Data of the van Rhijn family, connected to Kruyt, were sent to me by Gert Jan van Rhijn ( )

Data of descentants of Sebastiaan Fierman Kruijt (1803-1889) came from Frits Naudin ten Cate.

Nearly forgotten, but the Lichtenbeld family data are from Marjan Remmers.

Data of childeren and grand childeren of Fuus Verloop (Only available on the secured site).

Data of a different part of the family Zomer, who regularly traveled to Ducth Indië during 1921-193. These data come fromKarin de Graaf-Zomer.

Data of decendants of Albertus C. Kruyt (1921-2000) from grand daughter Maria Kruyt.


For a real geneaolist, is will be a horror, but this is my hobby and may be other can go on with it.

Please react as much as possible and send a reaction. Both corrections and new data are welcome.


It is alwyas nice to find out that we all are family.

November 15th, 2009, Jan Lichtenbelt


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